Don't be throwin' no shade,
She just wants to get paid
Almost ready for summer 🍉☀️🌴🍹🌺🍍 #summer #fitness #pow
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It’s the little things
Being single, seeing double, making triple 👯
Happy Girl’s Day! #雛祭り#hinamatsuri #dolls #日本 #🇯🇵
they’re real 👄™


I tried this on a female before.
She took the bottom-middle donut that says “GIRL” and handed the box back to me, leaving me with 5 donuts that read “Will you be my friend?”
*tips fedora in shame* friendzoned again by another succubus 

this story makes me laugh and cry

Omg can’t unsee! If my next boyfriend doesn’t do this I’ll die

Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, Thierry Mugler Fall/Winter 1984